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Dedicated to redefining businesses with legal, marketing and logistics solutions for discerning clients.

Our Services

At Codesks, we provide flexible solutions that adapt to your unique workstyle. Our services include legal consultancy, marketing strategies or logistics.

Our Location

Codesks is strategically located in the heart of thriving business center in Jal El Dib, making it convenient for meetings, networking, and accessing our solutions.

Our expertise

We are a team of professionals with backgrounds in supply chain management, digital marketing, brand development, contract law, and regulatory compliance.


Take Full Control Over Your Online Business and Remote Working!

We revolutionize the way people work by providing flexible, efficient, and inspiring solutions. We aim to empower professionals and businesses to thrive in a dynamic, ever-evolving world by offering a diverse range of services that foster productivity, collaboration, and growth. Codesks allows you to operate your full business just from a desk anywhere in the world.


Why CoDesks?

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive expertise in logistics, marketing, and legal services. From optimizing supply chains and ensuring smooth operations to crafting effective marketing strategies and navigating legal complexities, we offer tailored solutions to drive efficiency, growth, and compliance for businesses across diverse industries. We aspire to create a world where individuals and teams can work anywhere, anytime, with ease.

Business Setup

You don’t have a company set up yet and struggling with all documentations and procedures? Don’t worry our legal consultants will help with a fraction of the cost.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

You have the first step done but you want to grow your market and reach bigger markets and achieve higher sales? Codesks can guide you.

Business Development and Sales

Your company is growing fast, and you want to take faster control and appear like a multinational company? We can let you grow.

Customer Support and Office Management

Codesks can offer you full customer support experience, from phone answering service (local and international numbers) to a full call center solution.

Shipping Services for your Online Business

Your e-commerce business is growing but want to grow your market, reach more countries and ship easily and get paid locally? Our shipping network can do it.

Networking Professionals

With Codesks, you gain access to professionals with diverse perspectives and specialized skills to deliver top-notch solutions to your startup business.

Start your e-commerce Business today!

Even if you are beginner with zero sales and marketing experience, let us know what you want to sell, and we will do the whole setup from website creation to shipping!

A user friendly Environment with Sustainability in mind

We are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. Our services incorporate eco-friendly practices and green technologies to create a more sustainable workplace.

Build Your Business to the Ultimate Level with Codesks

Join CoDesk today and experience a new way of working that prioritizes your success, well-being, and connection with a dynamic community. Elevate your work life with us.


Recent News And Events

Our vision is to become the local leader in helping businesses operate remotely, setting the standard for innovative, adaptable, and sustainable work environments. We aspire to create a world where individuals and teams can work anywhere, anytime, with ease, while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of traditional offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Codesks Located??

Codesks is strategically located in the heart of Beirut in Jal El Dib area making it convenient for meetings, networking, and accessing our solutions.

What are the benefits of using Codesks?

Helping businesses devise effective strategies to achieve their long-term goals, which may include market expansion, product diversification, or cost optimization.

What logistics solutions does Codesks offer?

Efficient order fulfillment processes, including international shipping to more than 10 Arab countries with customs compliance, tracking visibility, and returns management, contribute to a positive customer experience.

Is my business information safe with Codesk?

We are committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard your information when you use our desk sharing and coworking space services.